August 2019 Newsletter

September Event

Walking Tour September 14, 2019

Meet at St. Elizabeth Park Corner of Curci and St. Elizabeth

Join Board Member Theo Martinez for a walking tour in the St. Elizabeth area. Along the way we will pick up litter, report graffiti, and talk about what will make this corner of the neighborhood an even better place to live.

Bring the kids, this is for all ages.

We will meet at the park and supply vests, gloves and litter pick up tools. You’ll take a stroll around the area, including Fuitdale and Meridian. After we’re done, we’ll head over to the shopping area by Zanottos and Tassos to chat. 

This is your chance to let us know what is working in your area, what you are concerned about and what you are excited about.  Traffic? Street repair? Crime? Resources you want? Events or celebrations you’d like to help with?

We are looking at creating more art boxes this year, what would you like to see?

For more info, contact Theo at

408 202 4688

Notes From The President

            What a great Ice Cream Social we had in June! Thanks Theo and Al for pulling things together again. It’s great to see familiar faces and make new friends. 

            The Gateway Center (old Dick’s and Zorba’s site) has made it through the approval process with the Planning Commission. Next step is the City Council meeting (tentatively Sept 20). This development will bring 590 new housing units and 200,000sqft of commercial office space along with access to light rail from the Bascom side. SONA remains committed to ensuring the millions of dollars in park fees are spent along or adjacent to the Bascom corridor. 

            Between regional and local funds, virtually all of our residential streets are slated for repaving and repair in the next few years. This will bring long awaited improvements in our area. Leigh Avenue will be the first portion we see as paving and bike lanes are brought in. Crossing enhancements will make it safer for our kids to get to school. The proposed realignment of Fruitdale will come to a public meeting near you in the not so distant future. These improvements to our streets will make our neighborhoods more attractive and safer while saving us wear and tear on vehicles. 

            During the next year we want to accomplish several things. First, we want to talk one on one with different parts of the neighborhood. Interested in having a meet up in your area? Give us a call. Second, we have applied for a grant to paint the utility boxes on public right of way. The city has a great program, grant funds will help kick start the process and we want to make sure we capture your ideas. Third, we want to create more events that bring resources to you. 

Finally, we want to make sure our neighbors are connected to each other and building bridges. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day craziness and it’s easy to become polarized. Let’s work together and create a space that allows us to work together no matter what our backgrounds are. Block parties, socials, meetings…we’re up for it, are you?

Enjoy the end of summer……Randi

Save The Date

Friends of Bascom Library Sale is Saturday 8/24/19 from 10am-2pm! This is a great opportunity to pick up those gently used items in all genres, along with music and videos at great prices. These sales help bring programs to our local library for everybody. If you have a library that needs thinning out, this is the place to donate the extras around the house. Looking for a way to be involved in the community? Ask one of the many volunteers working the sale.

Looking at remodeling or reducing your energy and water bills? The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) which covers the nine bay area counties is the coordinating body for a project called BayREN. This program provides free tools, will perform free energy audits, ensure you are meeting latest codes, connect you to a personal energy expert, refer you to contractors and more.

  • Programs cover single family homes, multi-unit dwellings and businesses
  • Audits are free. 
  • Energy Advisors will help you locate rebates, programs, services, financing, technical assistance and referrals to other agencies like PG&E.
  • Homes can receive a free energy kit valued at $75 that includes items like lightbulbs, faucet aerators, and power strips that will help reduce your bills.
  • BayRen has a series of trainings, forums and online resources.
  • FREE Visit the BayREN website at or call 1-866-878-6008. 

Santa Clara County’s comprehensive sustainability program can be found at

San Jose’s Environmental Services Department can be found at

VIVA CALLE IS BACK!! Sunday, September 22, rain or shine, we close down and take back our streets for fun, exercise and play. The event kicks off at 8am with a run that begins at Backesto Park. You can walk, ride and skate the entire event route from 10am-3pm. There will be activity hubs at Backesto Park, St. James Park, Arena Green and the Municipal Rose Garden. Each hub will have family events, music, food, entertainment and a variety of resource booths. Special bus routes will be set up. For more information, if you want to participate or volunteer or become a sponsor, go to

VTA wants to turn up the volume. Light and heavy rail lines are required to sound horns when approaching intersections and crossings. When the local light rail line was being constructed in 2003 SONA asked for two things: (1) the wall that runs along Southwest that provides privacy for the residents, and; (2) a waiver on the horns. VTA has stated they do not want to renew the waiver. Because of the short distance between the stops and crossings, this would mean a constant sounding of horns along the entire stretch of Southwest. Trains travel on these tracks every 15 minutes for 20 hours a day. SONA has taken the position that enhanced safety measures can be put into place rather than using horns to avoid tragic accidents. Contact Randi if you have questions 408 835 2881.